FCI Expands Use of OS 2200 Software Series

Formula Consultants Inc., (FCI) is pleased to report that we have expanded our use of the Unisys ClearPath OS2200 Software Series in our Anaheim, California data center. We now have two instances of the Software Series, supporting development/testing and production. Our software stack on the Software Series, including applications, is running under ESXi (VMWare), on compatible commodity hardware.

FCI continues to upgrade its data center to keep pace with Unisys’ technology offerings. We are able to support customers of our proprietary products on development and test facilities running the latest Unisys OS 2200 operating system levels. We also draw upon our data center resources for our consulting services.

FCI’s key tape management products, STAR-1100, and STAR Library Manger have both been validated on the ClearPath OS2200 Software Series. Our OTS-1100 (Online Terminal Security) product is also running under the Software Series at our data center.

Architecture of tape handling on Software Series at FCI

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