TravelSky Renews with Unisys and with FCI

TravelSky recently renewed their commitment to Unisys’ OS 2200 systems in a significant and long-term upgrade. TravelSky has a substantial OS 2200 presence with dozens of partitions in several datacenters. Their OS 2200 installations include Dorado servers and ClearPath OS 2200 Software Series.

TravelSky is a technology organization providing a portfolio of operations and accounting services to China’s air travel and hospitality industries. TravelSky’s data centers serve dozens of airlines, airports, booking agencies, hotels and many tens of thousands of end users.

FCI is pleased to announce that TravelSky has also renewed their commitment to STAR-1100, and STAR Library Manager, FCI’s product which enables OS 2200 systems to connect with and use DSI virtual and physical tape libraries. STAR-1100 and Library Manager work seamlessly together to protect and organize your tape data, whether standalone physical, robotic, or virtual.

FCI views TravelSky’s recent renewal as a strong vote for OS 2200, going forward.

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