Library Manager

Connecting the DSI VTL with your OS 2200

Integrate Virtual Tape into Your Operations

STAR Library Manager (LIBMGR) enables OS 2200 to use the tape automation services of the DSI Virtual Tape Library (VTL) and the DSI Physical Tape Library (PTL).

Library Manager ensures that user tape requests intended for the DSI VTL or PTL are directed to those devices.

LIBMGR executes as a background program with an interface for console operations. It has active and ongoing interaction with STAR-1100 and the OS 2200 operating system. Thus, LIBMGR extends data protection, library management and highly productive tape operations into your virtual tape library and its backup resources.

LIBMGR obtains scratch pool services from STAR-1100 so that users’ scratch pool requests are conveniently fulfilled and also managed from common resources.

Users can stack multiple tape volume images onto a single virtual tape. Later, as needed, they can then unstack a stacked volume onto a physical tape.

Convenient User Features

  • Users specify a preferred scratch pool on their volume @ASG ECL
  • Scratch tapes are integrated with STAR-1100, for protection
  • Integration with STAR improvements management of scratch tapes, pools
  • Optional integration with physical libraries enhances archival / backup
  • Optional tape “Stacking” to increase storage density
  • Optional “System Unstack” to restore archived contents of a “stacked” tape
  • Reporting subsystem
  • Utilities to manage virtual tapes

Release Announcements

Product Description

Virtual and physical libraries enhancing your tape capabilities.

Flexible Configurations

Satisfy your site’s tape storage needs with numerous configuration options. These include handling disaster recovery needs via remote replication.

Single partition – multiple VTLs

Access multiple VTL libraries from a single OS 2200 partition.

Multiple partitions – single VTL

The same VTL appliance can be connectioned to more than one OS 2200 partition.

Options for physical libraries

Optionally, a DSI physical library can be attached to a DSL VTL. Or, the physical library can be connected to the OS 2200 partition.

Remote replication

Satisfy your site’s needs for business continuance and disaster recovery by establishing a remote site with its own VTL. Use replication to ensure that tape data is the same at both sites.

Virtual tape. Solid. Seamlessly integrated.

Flexible configurations, including physical libraries, for custom archive/backups.