View and Search Your OS 2200 Storage

Finally, the GUI interface we’ve been waiting for . . .

Traditional utilities are OK . . .




If you still have staff who know how to use them.

Great news!


With interactive displays, you won’t need ’em!

Interactive Dashboard
File Types
Search Input Form
Click Here
File List w elements
View, Search, Edit Source
Export view to co-workers
View Scratch Pools
Tape Mounts Per Day
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In just a few clicks and keystrokes . . .

Scan the dashboard for summary stats of disk and tape.

Scroll a list of files. Sort on project id, then qualifier, then owner. Quickly get a sense of the file resources.

In the element view, scroll and quickly find the version you want. View it, find keywords within source, and optionally edit it–immediately!

Search on keywords to find an element. Open it, view it, and, optionally, edit it.

Visually monitor volume levels in your scratch pools.

Save views and share with peers, or export to Excel and share with non-users.

See ESP-Dorado’s reach and potency

(Video is less than 4 minutes duration.)

For Operations, Development, and Support

See how operations managers use ESP-Dorado to more efficiently and conveniently monitor disk and tape resources and their use.

Review how development managers enjoy much greater productivity among their staff.

Look at the stunning benefits to support staff. With ESP-Dorado’s graphical user interface, you can bring new hires up to speed quickly–even those with no prior OS 2200 experience.

Three Use-Case Scenarios for ESP-Dorado

For Managing Disk Storage

  • Scan dashboard for quick view of disk status
  • Check dashboard summary stats, click-thu to generate interactive file / element lists
  • Scroll interactive lists
  • Sort, filter, group lists to quickly research ownership, project affiliation, etc.
  • View, search, display and edit source elements

Powerful Global Search

  • Construct complex searches via easy-to-use input forms. Quickly search all your disk files.
  • Find missing source code in seconds
  • Find missing build and Link elements

For Managing Tape Storage

  • Scan dashboard for quick view of tapes
  • Check dashboard summary stats, click-thu to generate interactive tape lists
  • View, search, display and edit source elements on certain files
  • Conveniently browse, view, sort a list of scratch pools

Collaboration Tools

  • Export lists to Excel. Tailor for specific purposes and share with co-workers
  • Set bookmarks to return to views, share bookmarks with co-workers

Release Announcements

Product Description

Learn how ESP-Dorado makes your OS 2200 resources more visible, accessible and easier to work with.

You can work with only what you can see.

Your resources more visible. Easier to use. ESP-Dorado.