Tape Handling Architecture on FCI’s CP OS 2200 Software Series

Formula Consultants has deployed several instances of Unisys’ ClearPath OS 2200 Software Series in its Anaheim, California data center.

The salient feature of the Software Series is that it runs in a virtual environment. The following diagram shows how the major tape handling components have been deployed on the Software Series.

Library Manager is software that enables the use of DSI virtual tape libraries and physical tape libraries on OS 2200 systems. Our software stack on the Software Series includes the DSI Restore product, a virtualized implementation of their VTL product. Library Manager has integration points with STAR-1100 for scratch tape handling and to protect virtual volumes from inadvertent over-writing.

Since the early 1980s, FCI has led the OS 2200 community in tape management. We have kept pace with technology, helping 3rd parties and Unisys bring you tape solutions in ever-evolving levels of automation and virtualization. All along the way, we have made STAR-1100 compatible with these solutions, extending protection to your tape data, regardless of density, media format, or library architecture.

When you install the STAR-1100 and Library Manager products into this Software Series stack, you deploy the same comprehensive tape protection and management capabilities that you have enjoyed for years on Dorado hardware platforms. Users continue to conveniently specify scratch pools at assignment. Operations staff continues to use STAR utilities to manage the total inventory of your tape volumes.

If you have questions about how to size and order STAR-1100 and Library Manager for the Software Series, we’ll be happy to help.

Reach us at sales@formula.com. Or phone our office at 714 778-0123. Ask for Bud Schultz.

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