Focused on OS 2200

We do OS 2200. Every work day.

And, we have for decades.

We launched our careers on 2200 systems. We’re still passionate about OS 2200 and all it brings to the enterprise. Our products extend  OS 2200 capabilities to enhance your operational effectiveness and productivity. Our consulting services help you overcome technical challenges.

We enjoy contributing to the community of OS 2200 sites world-wide.

& Related Systems

Need to connect your 2200  to other systems? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve been out in front, helping you extend the productivity of your 2200 by connecting 3rd party peripherals, networked devices, and other emerging technologies. 

Your 2200 system is already highly effective. Our products and services enable it to integrate with a richer set of computing and storage options.

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Get even more out of your OS 2200 system

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